It’s done. I’m part of her now.

This was the greatest love story on TB but instead Bill and Sookie were chosen to dominate S6 and 7. I will never understand how anyone could possibly make that choice. Then when the fans and reviewers rejected it be all surprised and put out.

This is what should’ve been.

Puzzling artistic choices all around. Very unsatisfying (and boy did audiences speak up about that!)

I just don’t understand the persistent refusal to see Eric and Sookie as possible by the writers and showrunner. Everyone noticed how much chemistry there was between the characters. Viewers kept saying they loved Eric and wanted to see less of Bill and Sookie, in poll after poll after poll. Heck, Buckner himself noticed how well the actors clicked on-screen WHILE THEY WERE FILMING.

So it boggles the mind that he would ignore all of this and write it off as sloppy storytelling. Sloppy is killing Bill not one, not two, but THREE different ways (Hep-V, suicide, and murder). Sloppy is using marriage and pregnancy as signifiers of female happiness. Sloppy is erasing seven seasons of Eric and Pam’s character development in the final five minutes of the show. Sloppy is repairing Hoyt and Jessica without removing the glamour (no, no ethical problems there!), so Hoyt is essentially marrying someone he met a day ago. Giving some closure to one of the central relationships of the show, nurtured over seven seasons and teased half the final season, is not sloppy. It’s good storytelling. Something these writers wouldn’t recognize if it fell on them. 

They kept throwing away the good stuff and focusing on the junk. Tossing Tara aside for a season-long Lettie Mae redemption arc. Ignoring Lafayette to give Bridgette more screen time. Throwing Eric and Sookie’s relationship away to spend the vast majority of the last two episodes on Bill and Sookie and their endless, pointless cycle of abuse. They couldn’t tell the gems from the duds. 

It just makes no sense, but that angers me the most sometimes is that they realized how much fans wanted a Sookie and Eric ending and they used it to string viewers along. The promo for 7.09 was deliberately cut so that it appeared Sookie invited Eric into her house while Bill approached from the cemetery. It was shipbaiting of the highest order.

Very true.

It’s just a case of Bucky feigning ignorance, he was well aware of how popular Eric and Sookie were. The baiting (Hardcore I might add) Was used to pull viewers in. Once that served it’s purpose, he proceeded to dropkick shippers in the face, by first erasing their relationship, secondly leaving them without any type of closure. That aside, the season as a whole was just a dull incoherent mess, characters were treated appallingly across the board, some more than others. The dude is obviously an incompetent hack, but the deliberate dumbing down of the plot to suit his plans for Bill in the final is pretty clear imo.




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Happy 38th Birthday, Alexander Skarsgård! (August 25,1976. Stockholm, Sweden)


You’re gonna miss me everywhere ~ Goodbye, Mr Northman

Yes, we’re gonna miss you. :(((


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